About Straight Egyptian Arabians

Above: Bred by Thornewood Farm, Gaia TF (The Sequel RCA x Juno RCA) is an exceptional example of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. (Javan photo)

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"An Arabian will take care of its owner as no other horse will," someone once knowingly said, "for it has not only been raised to physical perfection, but has been instilled with a spirit of loyalty unparalleled by that of any other breed."

Somewhere in the inhospitable deserts of the Middle East, centuries ago, a breed of horse came into being that would influence the equine world beyond all imagination. In the sweet grass oasis along the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers and in other parts of the Arabia peninsula, this hearty horse developed and would soon be known as the Arabian horse.

To the Islamic people, he was considered a gift from Allah, to be revered, cherished, and almost worshiped. The mythology and romance of the breed grew with each passing century as stories of courage, endurance, and wealth intermingled with the genealogies. Egyptian hieroglyphics proclaim his value; Old Testament writings are filled with references to his might and strength. Other writings talk of the creation of the Arabian: "Thou shallst fly without wings and conquer without swords."

The Straight Egyptian Arabian horse of today can trace 100% of its ancestry back to the horses bred by the Bedouin tribes of ancient Arabia. Today, less than 6,000 Straight Egyptian Arabians exist worldwide, representing only 3% of all Arabian horses. They are prized for their extreme rarity and beauty, which is unsurpassed in today's equine world.

Whatever your dreams, to own an Egyptian Arabian is to be part of a living legacy of thousands of years of civilization. At Thornewood Farm, these horses are cherished, adored, and offer lucrative investment opportunities.

Thornewood Farm, as industry experts in Egyptian Arabian business development, provides educational support for people looking for involvement in a unique tax-advantaged business that the whole family can enjoy. We design our educational programs to provide the information and success formula that will help you excel, even if you do not own a farm or have prior experience with horses! We offer a selection of Egyptian Arabian mares and fillies for sale, and are experts in matching you with the horse of your dreams!