About Us

Thornewood Farm--the living fulfillment of a lifelong love affair with the Egyptian Arabian horse for owners Lisa Cifrese and Richard Geha. "As a young girl, I longed for just one Arabian mare to love and cherish," Lisa recalls. Now Thornewood is home to nearly two dozen classically beautiful, straight Egyptians, all of them dearly loved. Although their broodmare band is small, sales have been nationwide, and Thornewood-bred horses are now contributing to the success of other breeders--"and of that," Lisa notes, "we are especially proud."

Situated on nearly forty acres in the heart of New Jersey's prime horse country, Thornewood Farm provides a sanctuary for an outstanding band of broodmares and is conveniently located close to some of the finest equine medical care in the country. Designed with horse health and safety in mind, no detail has been neglected in the farm's planning and construction. Mares and foals have the ultimate in accommodations and there's plenty of comfortable space for clients and friends to enjoy.

Thornewood Farm strives to educate the public about the joy and unique lifestyle surrounding the magnificent Egyptian Arabian horse, and, as well, seeks to promote an understanding of the appealing business and investment opportunities this lifestyle affords. By providing a full complement of client education services, Thornewood involves newcomers in creating a community that centers around the shared passion for these awe-inspiring treasures.